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Autonomous robot via ultrasound

This is my first working robot as I have had a few other attempts but had problems with the arduino's motor shield (I kinda overheated a few components to the shield causing it to not function properly). Now after all of the testing everything seems to be working. I am using an SRF05 range finder for distance measurements (an interesting thing with this is that I am using the sample code from Arduino to run it and the code is really meant for a ping ultrasonic sensor but works well with the 3 pin mode on the SRF05), one 5v servo for the head, 2 GM9 motors with wheels (I actually screwed the wheels on and used epoxy because my screws didn't seem to go very deep into the gear motor) , a 1/2" ball caster as a tail wheel, and the chassis is just a sheet of thin wood. It also has a 7 segment LED display that runs during startup and I will probably add code to let it do other things as well. I was going to use the Arduino Mega for this project but ran across a problem, for some reason the Mega didn't seem to like the servo library and so the servo I was using for the head wasn't working, I am going to have to look into that later but for now the Duemilanove seems to be working just fine. Other than that there is not much to say this was a quite simple robot although the coding was took way too long and ended up needing a little help it now runs quite smoothly roaming the house as long as it doesn't find the stairs because it doesn't have any sort of cliff detection.

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you should include more pictures/videos to document better 

I didn't have a lot of time when I posted it but hopefully there will be more pictures and a video to come.
That's so crazy I just named it Henry because I liked it.
Yeah I really like the blue display

HI, Where do you find your roboshield ? 

Can you share with me your code at ; ( please no zip ) laganieremichel@sympatico.ca



I did not use a roboshield for Arduino, the shield I am using is the Adafruit motor shield which you could probably find at the Adafruit website. I used the unused pins for servo output for the input of my ultrasonic range finder. I am also running two battery sources one for logic (to power the Arduino) which is 9v and 7v battery pack for the 2 gear motors. I can post my code at this site I think but it may take me a day to get it up because I have exams right now and I have a lot of code to search through :)

Wonderful !!! can you just give me more spec about your motor shield because Adafruit have a lot of model ? and when you have time please dont forget to send to me you code !!

 ( please no zip ) send to  laganieremichel@sympatico.ca





Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino kit - v1.0

This is the one that I have if you go to the adafruit website and click on the arduino tab then click on the shields tab it should be the first shield that comes up. The shield can run up to 4 DC motors, 2 servos, 2 stepper motors. will be sending the Code ASAP...is a bit messy at times :P