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Walks, avoids obstacles

This was the first robot I ever built.  Its based on the design in the book Insectronics by Karl Williams.  The body is made from aluminium and it uses 3 servos to move six legs, in such a way that 3 legs are always in contact with the ground.  I used a pic for this robot programmed in assembly.  It has whisker sensors on the front to detect when its bumped into something.  Not very high tech but it was a starting point! Unfortunately i havent got any video of this robot in action and its now been robbed for parts, but i thought i would share a picture or two :)


Hexapod robot

Hexapod robot

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Did it seem to move pretty well? What tools did you use to cut the aluminum?
it didnt move too bad, it was quite a jerky action though.  Not bad for using just 3 servos.  I cut the aluminium with handtools, just a hacksaw.
We need some videos and more pics!! how did you make the whiskers?

I wish i had taken a video of it before i dismantled it, i may have a couple more pictures of it but i dont think they show a lot more.  The whiskers were made from copper wire soldered onto some stripboard, they passed through a 3 pin connector which had the middle pin removed, when the whisker hit anything it would bend the wire and make contact with the connector, nothing fancy but it worked quite well.

Why oh why didnt i take a video of it!!  :)




we are building the same exapod!