Let's Make Robots!

The hexapod robot "Spider P.I.G."

Walks in variable directions, controlled from a computer.


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Yes, this is a teaser...

I will post more content of it and a tutorial as well.


What i've been working on lately is to shorten down the legs. I tested it today, and it worked a LOT better than before. I'll see if i can manage to get a video soon ( I'll have to borrow a camera from someone :/ ). It still have some slight problems lifting the EEE PC, but it does work at least.

*New Update*

 Fritsl uploaded three new videos, which is the later three ones on this page. Thanks!

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I am BE student with an Electronics and instrumentation major..........i would like to do a hexapod..a mini project.can you please tell me how to do it ...please tell me the components required,circuits..... etc

where can I find those servos





I like that you used Java to use the hexapod. how do you solve the problem with inverted kinematics?



Juan Antonio Breña Moral

You need to get some non-slip tips on the feet. perhaps the thimble things that bank-tellers use.


Is the power source on the robit itself?  If so you could get it to draw power from the eeepc, that way you will save on weight! Maybe use a docking station... if you get them for the eeepc? or something similar...

"Unfortunately, you learn from your mistakes"

Very cool. I love how fluid the motion can get when you have so many degrees of freedom (just like in the humanoid robots that are coming out these days). This really makes me want to build one. But man, that must have been expensive. Here in the US, the cheapest servos are about $10, so with the 18 servos I count in your walker, that's USD $180 just for the servos. But eventually I definitely want to do something with legs :)


You could start off with a project similar to the Lynxmotion BRAT. It's a two legged little robot that only requires 6 servos. So you could start with 6 servos and then buy some more whenever you feel like expanding. Or maybe a quadropod...


I really recommend the GWS S03T servos which is the ones i used for my project. Watch out though, if you're using fabricated  servo brackets it may not fit for these servos because they are slightly oversized. Anyway, they are strong which is good for a legged robot.

Thanks for the info. I checked out all of LynxMotion's robots, and they all look very cool, but of course very expensive :) Looking at it in context, that BRAT is actually quite affordable. You're right, it might be a good entry point. Someday :)


I'm working on something similar, but in CG.

I'm really liking what you're doing in real life though, affirms the assumptions I made regarding the movements of a six-legged robot.


This robot is to be a character in my final year project for my (BA) Post Production and Visual Effects:


I just thought I'd share it with you, it'd be cool if you'd let me know what you think.

Cool, I hope that to be reality soon! I like those little hand hold robots.

I do also like the anchor hexapods.

Did you do any inverse kinematics to generate the movements? If so i would love to see some documentation of that.

Anyway, awesome video and thanks for the feedback!