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Hexdrake, the 2DOF handmade hexapod

walk, run, grab things to the jaw, etc. All with a remote controller.

Hi, i´m David and I would like to show you the little robot on which I am working. Hexdrake is a low cost 2DOF hexapod made with hand-cut wood and Sg90 servos. I designed the pieces according to the size of the SG90 servos.

The principal parts are:

-2 x 3mm wooden planks.

-Sheet of aluminium, and a heatsink from an old car radio.

-Black acrylic paint. -EVA foam (red and black).

-A lot of 3 mm screws with nuts (About 50-55).

-14 servos (12 for body and 2 for the jaw).

-USC 16-channel servo controller(chinese)

-An Arduino board.

-UBEC 8A/15A Voltage Regulator

-LiPo battery


Eyes and controller:

-Copper PCB

-Blue and red leds. (Each eye needs 32 blue leds and 45 red for the matrix)

-Red and black wires. -2 Atmega8

-28 pin socket

-16 MHz crystal oscillator

-4 22pF ceramic capacitor

-Lm7805 regulator

-12 220 Ohm resistors

The primary control is implemented by a arduino board that controls the other parts of hexapod. Its control de USC Servo controller thats drive the 14 servos. The arduino board receive comands form the controller with a 2,4Ghz link. The board that control the eyes is a first version. Uses tow Atmega8 to direct drive the matrix and strip of the eyes. Future versions of this board will animated the eyes allowing them to be moved and give more expression to the hexapod. 

For more information and a lot of fotos see me instructable:


With this instructable I participate in three contests of the instructables page. :)

Hope you enjoy this little hexapodo.

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glad you got my message, thanks for posting.