Let's Make Robots!

Icebox Robot (coolerbot?)

Roll around remotely & terrify co-workers

Unfortunately, this is the amount of documentation I have left of this project. It was a robot constructed from a thrown away icebox cooler. It ran windows 98 on a donated 75 mhz pentium. Since windows 98 was still dos at heart you could still use outb & inb functions. Now, I use Linux exclusively. It had wireless, so one day I left it at work and tele-operated it from my home. I used net-meeting to see where it was and a mic to scare co-workers into submission. bwah ha ha ha.


4 motors on the robot, steering, power, camera up/down, camera arm swivel. This only took 8 bits off the parallel port. If you look close you can see a wicked car speaker. It was like a PA system. I could hear, talk and see my terrified co-workers. Notice the black motor sticking up from the base behind the speaker. Its a cordless drill wired to the battery, controled by the parallel port.

Unfortunately, after all the electronics, motors and other crud was crammed in - there was no room for beer.

The guts

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Bigger Pictures, Please!

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!


i wish i had them ...

everything was disassembled, destroyed, or lost ... including the bigger pictures 

... guess i got to build a bigger robot ... 

ps. nice propane drums & folding saw stand... and i don't think i have ever seen a more fancy plywood rack


sometimes it helps prevent repeating your mistakes too ... like wiring up a h-bridge without any circuit protection - then crashing your robot into a wall