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JBB: (Project 7: The Basic 2-Motor Walker)

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I picked up the Solarbotics "JBB Walker Bundle" and started "Project 7: The Basic 2-Motor Walker" from the Junkbots book this weekend. Got as far as testing out the bicores and am officially held up! I popped in the batteries, flipped the switch and at least one motor moved, happened so quick I'm not sure which one, and then that was it. No movement, no smoke either. Need to test that power is getting through, go over my connections again, test the batteries just to eliminate that they're not the problem. Anyone else building this particular project?

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I've got some solder blobs on there but at least I don't overflow and short my connections anymore. Haha. And thanx for the LED tip. I'll knock off the simple tests and go from there.