Let's Make Robots!

K-one, my first one

For now : go straight and go left for a while, its eyes are missing !

Hi everybody

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I use cd box for the wheel.

for the chassis, i bought a cutting board at ikea (the plastic is easy to cut and drill and strong enough)


The only thing i build with my hand is the servo mounting bracket.

And it was not so easy : I used a very old PC to find my material ; I cut into some aluminium parts and drill 3 holes

So it takes me an afternoon to make 6 usable the servo mounting bracket. ;-)

look at this one :



the next steps to do :

- find a caster
- use the SRF05 I bought
    solder the row PCB Header Plug on it to plug
    find the way i mount it on a servo

- create the code ; so my robot really will be autonomous