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Lil' Tanky, yet another micro sumo bot

It tracks its opponent and tries to push it out of the ring, while also trying to stay inside the ring itself
Sumo_BotCode.pde2.64 KB
SumoBits.zip21.87 KB

While planning the Boise Bot Comp this year, we decided as a new event to try our hands at the micro level sumo and see what we could make. Initial thoughts were to go very minimalist with the hardware, but after thinking about it, I decided to try and see how much circuitry I could pack into a 50mm cube.

    I designed and printed the chassis and wheels on a Reprap, I need to make some changes there, but version 1 turned out to be workable in time for the competition, with some dremeling that is. I still need to calibrate the line sensors a bit more as the bot will fly out of the ring about 20% of the time. Gotta figure out how to drop some weight too, but I think landing at 110 grams was a good start. I managed to fit everything inside of parameters, so I'm happy.


For this project I used:

-Arduino Nano

- 2ea. solarbotics baby GM2's

- DAGU IR compound Eye

-2ea, QRD1114 IR Sensors

-Hobbyzone HBZ 1017 Mini Cub 7.4v 300mAh LiPo





UPDATE 10.10.11: Added a Sumobits.zip, Stl files of the chassis and wheels..Still a work in progress, got some photos today and am trying to find time to edit them into coherence.

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Does the cute robot avoid white line and follows black ?, i realy want to build one my self :).

is as easy as changing > to < or vice versa. Easy to do, and you should try!

Wery cool, i make picaxe version

it looks cute but i won't say that because it sounds girlie! so i'll say it's cool!

...because if Lil' Tanky heard you say that his lil' gear motors would start growling and he'd start gnashing ferociously on a dinner napkin or something and rip it to shreds!

Nice man real nice :)

wow, thats a lot of bot in a little box.

why do you want to drop weight?  I thought sumo's wanted to be heavy to avoid being pushed around, and to have mass when pushing the other guy.

I agree with Danny, that would be a great little kit to buy.

great job!

If you go by the Robogames rules, the max weight of micro sumo bots is 100g.  At our competition we gave it a little leeway in order to be able to show the concept to people.

I've been working on cleaning up the design. It's nice to have other people's eyes on it for feedback.

Dunno about a kit, I guess I'll look into it, but if members of LMR can collaborate, we can make this style bot the best it can be!

if it were akit i would buy it

I'll post the things I used and you won't have to wait for a kit!