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Line follower "GOOFY"

Follows a line
Goofy.c2.29 KB

This is my very first line following robot that is built around ATMEGA8. Construction and circuit are quite simple. Such a name- GOOFY is given because robot movements are somewhat clumsy. But hey! Its still working and doing his job very well! :)

There is two geared DC motors that are controlled using PWM. Tyres are the ones that are used in RC cars. Besides-these have a nifty looking. 

You may ask "Whats that tho pieces of metall on screws in front of robot? ". The thing is that batteries behind robot is a bit weighty so it lift the front with sensors (which means that sensors can not sense the line :( ). As a solution I added two screws and some parts from an old equipment in front of a base plate. Hahaaa- it works! :D 


Everything started with this: 

Here is a circuit if You're interested: 

Hope You like it! :) 



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  also:   the geared motors...  where did you get them?

These motors come from ELFA store in Latvia. http://www.elfa.lv/artnr/54-495-09/dc-motor-with-gear

You can search for similar on Ebay or other e-shops. ;)

Thanks! could you please also tell me the lenght of the motor with the gearbox?

ATMega is a microprocessor... what use for another one?

whoa whoa, for some reason i thought it was logic controlled...

There is 4 IR sensors in the robot. ;)

Getting it an micro processor, and making it solve a maze

good job!


how many IR sensors in the line follower?

thanks for ur help but the file has got an extension  .lay i just want to know which software supports it....

plzz send me the circuit diagram on my mail as soon as possible, I am eager to make it my mail id is nileshhaldipur@gmail.com