Let's Make Robots!

litle robo1

goes round and round stop as soon as it hits the wall

hey guys i have made my first robot after seeing the solar paneled robot i felt like making one too i searced for a solar panel but i couldnt find one. so i thought i will make a double vibrot (motor powered) i found my old vibrating motor but it only ended up burning it up (even my finger... ouchie) so i took another motor i also found my oldie medicine bottle cap made a hole in it  and fixed into the motor in an improper way( so it will vibrate) and i on it ....... . YIPPEEEE MY PLAN WORKED.that ended as my first robot.THIS IS A GREEN robot it is all made out of only junk an unwanted things i will prove it now the 2 toothbrush is 5 years old. the motor is of the old toy the switch(with the battery)is from my broken toy making kit. the body is from my curtain which is torn. i will soon send the videos. and sorry for the poor grammar. see you and you can also use my idea of the vibrating motor.MMMMMMMMM NOTHING ELSE

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Very cute. Can't wait to see him in action.
i have already taken the vidoes and transfered them to the computer but i dont know how to turn it into URL code can you help me?????
you need to up load it to youtube. If you dont have a account then make one there. I always need to change the video format, so i use windows movie maker to make it a .wmv. Then upload it to youtube.
Well done, I am super happy to have inspired someone! I love the recycling, it is great fun turning all the "junk" laying around into something with character :)
not all of it to tell the truth. to stick the the items i used a brand new double sided tape an the end is the empty cover of it. only those others are junk.100 PRESENT SURE
If you want to learn about making robots out of junk and whatnot, I would suggest looking up beam robotics. It is a type of robotics that doesn't use microcontrollers and has mostly solar powered bots.

Green is Good! Waiting for a video! :D