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Avoid objects and able to be controlled by radio remote, avoids running into walls in RC mode by the SRF05

Marvin is a lot faster than Jasper. My wife named him.

Right now he can just avoid objects with his SRF05 and is able to be controlled with a radio remote. The transmitter and reciever were only 10 bucks at walmart. lol. Just bought a toy car and gutted it for the parts. :D

Right now the radio receiver is not controlling the motor controller directly. It is connected to the analog pins on the Picaxe and controlled programaticly.

The video shows him in both modes. Below are some additional pictures.

 Thanks to all who have been helping me!






Update 02/22/2009

Fixed video for LMR logo. :D 


Update 02/27/2009 - Considering Marvin complete since I will make the bot I wanna make with the Serializer .NET and C#. :D 

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I like him in autonomous mode, the little sniffer! :D
in autonomous mode i believe he prefers going right over left, this might get him into trouble in a corner
The way he turns and if I start him on the left then he tends to go more right. Plus I need to fix his code a little when he looks left.
My freaking LMR didnt work! I had the logo on this. freaking crap! I will fix this.
that I picked the wrong video. blah... Correct video will be up in a moment.

nice work lolgeek

whick resonator did u use with the 28x1?

8 mHz?

It runs default off of 4 lol... I may have to over clock it since when I turn left the motors loose power a bit. But if I am going forward and then turn it turns fine. :P