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Competes in Mech Warfare

Since Mike posted about his mech I thought maybe I should just go ahead and do the same.

I have been working on this robot in my spare time for several months now. I was hoping to have it ready for Robogames, unfortunatly due to several circumstances beyond my control it will not be ready in time. 

Here is a little overview of what I have done so far and what I hope to accomplish in the near future.


Basically the frame is completed. I still have to mount the guns and camera on top, but I am waiting on parts before that can be accomplished.

RIght now the hold up is a lack of an adequate control system. I am currently using the CM-5 which comes with the Bioloid ki, but this does not allow me to remotely control Stryker and also does not provide power for the gun motors.

 Here are a few more pics of my progress so far. I have not had a chance to takea video of it yet, but as soon as I do I will post.



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Beautifully machined parts, looks good. In one pic, there appears to be rollers on the feet. Were you thinking of doing something like the Roller Walker ?
THe little round things were supposed to be feet. They are just little rubber balls. I had seen them used on another robot, and thought I would try them out on my bot. I have given up on using them for the moment. I am working on another  foot design that should be a little better.
THose are some very strong / expensive servos, no? Video?

i think their from a trossen kit or something like it.

edit: the very very strong ones.

These servos are pretty good, but not the strongest ones for robotis. If my memory serves me correctly they are about $45 each. These servo are a step above other servos. Unlike standard servos these are on a network. Each servo has an address and can send status packets back to the controller. You can also preset certain things on the servos, such as thermal shutdown, and rotation limits.