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Mhew - My Hexapod Walker


This is my 3rd robot, the first non-frits-like ;)

I'll never post anything about previous robots: you can find many F-Like robots here.

Well, legged walkers are a class of robots that imitate the locomotion of animals and insects, using legs.

I'll try to build a six legged model, called a tripod gait, because a tripod positioning of legs always supports
the weight of the walker.

This walker robot is a compromise in design, but allows to build a sixlegged walker using just three servomotors.


I'll use 2 Hitec HS-81 micro servos (12euros each) to move left and right legs; another servo will move the center legs.

All the legs are made fom 12x2mm thick aluminum bar (about 2 euros).


How can Mehw move forward ?

This is the starting position:


All the servos are in central position. Note that central legs are slightly shorter and normally don't touch the groun.

Now central servo rotate clockwise tilting left Mehw, so the right servo can move forward 2 right legs.


Next step is symmetrical: the central servo rotate counterclockwise, Mehw tilt to the right so left servo can push forward left legs.

Final step: all the legs are now forward, left and right servo can return to starting position moving Mehw forward.

Easy, isn't it?

I don't know if the HS-81 will be powerful enough to move the center legs and rise robot's body; anyway, i have a Futaba digital servo 9257 ;)

An SFR05 ultra sonic range finder will be the Mhew 'eye'.

Next step: build the Mhew body. Suggestions are welcome ;)


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Haven't seen this going yet. Balsa wood would be light and easy to make the body out of.

excellent locomotion project

it seems easy and efficent

italiands do it better: add me on msn: tarantulis(et) libero.it  







I was curious, what method did you use to twist/bend the middle legs? Or any of the other 90 degree bends? Just a vise? or a bending brake?

aluminum it's easy to bend; i have (slowly & gently) used a grab and a clamp (? sorry, i don't know the proper translation, so better if I put 2 pictures ;) )


It was just the middle legs looked like a pretty good and even twist, and all the 90s looked good too.

I like the term "F-like". Better than "like the StartHere robot".



That material looks heavy! What is it?
Cool!  I'd really like to build a six-legged bot some day.  Walkers are awesome, and we don't have many here on this site!

how are you going to connect the pieces ?

looks very interesting! :) 

The basic structure looks well made, how did you make it? Wait...i meant the legs :)