Let's Make Robots!


kill,explore,demolish,instills fear upon poor souls.





Mighwar in Arabic is synonymous to the word commando in the English language.


X4 12v Volvo s60 windsheild wiper motors.

X4 26cm diameter pneumatic wheels.

X4 custom made wheel to motor steel adapters .

X4 custom motor controller.

Custom Atmega168 based processing unit.

x2 military style twist connectors for charging and data.

9ch RC TX/RX

x2 12v 18ah sealed jell batteries.


UPDATE : Command and control circuit 1 is etched.

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What plans do you have for it now?

Its got C.. C.. Courage...  whats next ? A Heart or Brain?

Well if i ever decide to upgrade its brain, I'd consider MRL for sure :)

The robot looks good.

I noticed your description that it kills, demolishes and instills fear, but in the video, it did not seem to make anyone run away, screaming.

It might be more fearsome if it had weapons, but I also thought of it having a small sign that said "Bomb Disposal Unit" --but that might get you in trouble with the police since it is not really one.  Perhaps you could mount a basket from a large shopping cart on top and call it a "Shopping Assistant".

Regardless of that, it looks like it is doing fine and running well.  Good job.


Thanks Dan, the aim is to mount some sort of machine gun and a camera :)

Very happy to see it moving , well done for your beautiful work


Thanks :)

Congratulations. Nice to see it moving!

Thanks :)

isn't the diamond plate on the front a possible issue if the bot were to run aground? I would think smooth plate would be better as it should have less resistance.

Really like this thing, could be fun to run around with.