Let's Make Robots!


kill,explore,demolish,instills fear upon poor souls.





Mighwar in Arabic is synonymous to the word commando in the English language.


X4 12v Volvo s60 windsheild wiper motors.

X4 26cm diameter pneumatic wheels.

X4 custom made wheel to motor steel adapters .

X4 custom motor controller.

Custom Atmega168 based processing unit.

x2 military style twist connectors for charging and data.

9ch RC TX/RX

x2 12v 18ah sealed jell batteries.


UPDATE : Command and control circuit 1 is etched.

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Hi jad-berro :)

I like your job ! same if it's a war inspiration !

I had also make some test with windscreen wiper motors ..... a big torque :) !

I'm strogly wait for the rest !

But I answer myself how do you want to control the speed of each motors ?

Because i think that the 4 motors haven't the same speed , and that is an important issue if you want that your robot move right !

Do you want to use some sensor (like incremental encoder ...) to control the position ?

Good luck for the rest of you very good job :)


Salut MoX !

each motor has its own motor controller, besides that each of these motors has a built in switch that gets pressed once per rotation, so i can roughly estimate the RPM of each motor.

Ok cool stuff the intern switch is a useful stuff.

I was thinking to use windscreen wiper motors transforming them on electric linear actuator (indeed i made this type of actuator with servomotor, for a biped i build just now), but the type of motors you use could also be a good solution.

Where did you buy them ?

I got them from a used parts dealer here in beirut.

Yes it was logic ( my question was quite stupid indeed o__0 ) LOL

Web is magic, Beirut seems to be not so far :)



What's the AMP for each motor? Looking forward to see more information about your motor controller ;)

I believe it tops at about 10-15 A in normal use and jumps to 40-50 A when stalled. I have designed and built my own custom hybrid controllers for these motors that should be able to hold peaks of up to 70 amps and more . 

That sounds good. Yeah, those wiper motors usually 50A when stalled. If you could handle up to 70A that's good enough. Make sure you use thick wires or it might get hot easily if it go over 30A.

First off this is a very cool build, and seconldy how are you planning to interface that display to the robot?