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Mini Comp Fire Fighting Robot

Small Scale Fire Fighting Robot

My local robotics group does mini competitions every few months.

For October '09 the mini comp is small scale fire fighting. So this is one of my two entries.

  • Pololu round chassis
  • Tamiya duel motor gear box
  • Tamiya truck wheels
  • Tamiya bearing caster
  • Inex brand IR sensors
  • Inex microcontroller
  • dc hobby motor with a fan

I'm using a graphical programming language.


The first video shows my first test run.

The second video shows my second run after some tweeks. Also note the battery's died during the run.



































Here is a picture of the mini competition board.







 The fire source is a 4" tall candle.










Its hard to see as the picture is white/black. But there's both a black line, and a right side wall that can be followed to get to the fire.

So this makes it easier for new robot builders to navigate.

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Looks like fun! Think it could go for a regular Trinity FF competition.

I did a search for the competition you mentioned.



I think my second robot entry would do a better job than this one.

I'll post it on here as soon as I get a couple more parts. (namely a small fan to put out the fire)