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Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbb9GOWaL4g and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPakG8p3MHE

Update: Added schematic for the vacuum system

Code word were: CHEAP!

Cheapest RC servos I could get, Cheapest Arduino, almost. Straws from mc donalds, icecream sticks, rubber bands, Lots of scrapped stuff just waiting to be used in the workshop. Solenoids in the valves were from old tapedrives, and the valves them selfs were from old bicycle tubes. Vacuum and pressure comes from an old aquarium pump, reshaped to make vacuum too.

The dark disk is a sun shade, had to add that before filming outside, othervise color detection made too many mistakes.

"Exploded view" of lower arm:

"Exploded view" of lower arm

Lower arm:

Lower arm

Lower arm about to be connected to bolt on upper arm

Lower arm about to be connected to bolt on upper arm

Lower arm and the moving platform:

Lower arm and the moving platform


Two valves, the lower one disassembled

The pin visible at the end of the yellow tube pin of the bicycle valve. The brass tobe above goes over the pin. Since the pressure uses in the robot is low, +/- 0.15 bar, I could go with these simple home made solenoid valves.

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thanks it makes a lot more sense now thanks links realy great it goes into a lot of depth and thanks for the answer

also i don't now if your intrested but http://reprap.org/wiki/Delta not realy on the cheap side and dead in activity but it's a very intresting idea

Nice! I love the way you made the robot arm.

Which part of it? The cheapness or ?? Think the configuration is pretty standard for a delta robot.

Well I wasn't familiar with the concept of a delta robot but after reading your reply and googling I see what you mean :-) Anyway making it work so well with such cheap components is still very nicely done.

very very interesting. bravo!

Wello done indeed =) I love te minimal use of everything lol.

Well, that's exactly my goal! Make something fun without spending a fortune. I mean, would it be fun an challenging to just fork out a lump of cash to receive a prebuild industrial deltarobot? Im not into the stacking sausages on a belt business anyway!

And those ice cream sticks, you buy them in thousands, and they are very cool to build with. Hot glue for the fast non-precision work, and the white wood glue where you want things to be aligned precisely.

Great robot,good job :)

Great robot !!  Could you please describe what is attached to the end of the straws allowing them to pivot ? Also some closeup photos of details , like the joints and valves would be great .


The joints in both ends are made of a rubber band and a plastic bead. The rubber band goes all the way through the straw, around the 3mm bolt at the top and througn a small hole in the moving platform. Btw, the straws are double, I openend a straw and slid it inside the outer one, and with a drop of glue mede the straws much stiffer.

The valves were the single most time consuming part, solenoid pulling the small pin in a bicycle tube valve. Think they are called "presta valves". To get them air tight enough took quite some glue.

I will make some closeups shortly.