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MTE v1 (Mobile Tracked Explorer)

Navigate with IR object detection.... thats about it so far.

The MTE v1 is a tracked robot that autonomously rolls around looking for new areas. Well as random as can be anyway.

The project originally started out as a BOE-BOT-esque robot because i did not want to pay to buy the expensive kit. Thats right, MTE originally was Basic Stamp 2 controlled, but after researching the Propeller micro and seeing firsthand what it could do, i was hooked.

The MTE is NOT finished, I have ordered a few PCBs to clean it up, but they have not arrived yet. Also, even when they do arrive they will NOT work. I tend to be a little impatient in ordering. A redesign is in order after buying new battery sources and reconfiguring.

Schematics to come! 

UPDATE 7/25/2009: PCBs that I had ordered arrived yesterday. :) BUT there is, as i had found out before they arrived looking at the Gerbers, a problem with the wiring so they are not fully working. The propeller is turning on, but that is about it. The programming port, for the PROP PLUG is wired incorrectly also so i am using soldered jumper wires to fix it for the time being, until i can order more PCBs. I will be uploading a few photos for you here, but ALL photos can be viewed, along with all of my projects, on my Morris-Works website.


Again sorry for the crude photos.... still have yet to find my camera charger.

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Well the HBridge i used was a power hungry L293D which only requires 2 pins if i remember right. I've started school (which was always my plan) and have been busy on homework, have not built anything since i started. I did however pull apart my MTE and started building a different frame for it tho. Not sure when i'll have it finished, but i will post as soon as i do.



 I reconise your face from the Parallax forums early last summer. See you have come a long way. I started shortly before you but just started using H bridges a few months ago and still with the Basic stamp. Got a prop board but haven't jumped into the programming yet. Simple is best and I always perfer basement engineering to the kit. Curious how can you get more I/O from the prop? I am learning the H bridge eats I/O alot. I may have some questions about using H bridges in the future. I know you are well experienced at those by now. Keep up the good work. I have also been converting servos into continious DC motors. The cheaper chinese ones work fine so far and go pretty fast compaired to the servo circuits. My mini monster boe took me about 3 months to get all the bugs out using an erector set frame and mattrax treads from and old Radio shack RC car.


Love to see another Prop user here. Did you design your own PCB for the prop or is it a kit like the Spin Studio or Gaget Ganster boards?

I designed them myself and got them printed at BatchPCB. :)

Got my PCBs yesterday, having some problems with them, but I am working on it right now. I've updated above and full pictures on my project website Morris-Works.
Yes i've been looking at a few different ultrasonic sensors, and will be upgrading soon. At the moment, the big todo is a new power source. The bot is so weighted down by batteries, but when i finally buy the new battery packs I will be good to go. Also, like i said above, a redesign of the PCBs is in order. I've started designing a different BRAIN Pcb, which will alow me kick the breadboard to the side and use a dedicated PCB. The prop has 30 I/O pins at my disposal and all of them will be usable on the PCB. Sort of like a small proto board for the robot. Of course a few will be dedicated to the motor driver and general purpose LEDs, but the rest will have a small block of headers onboard for them.

i have updated what i believe was the only picture still refering back to my domain. for some reason it was asking for a password to view the file i believe. Not sure, but hopefully that fixed it.

What's next? A scanning ultrasonic distance sensor would work well!
Looks like it's better now. I didn't get the password popup this time anyway.

Love the mix-n-match idea!!

Back when I was building Lego bots, I did something similar: I put little bits of rubber tubin on the ends of teh treads. Works sweet util the rubber perishes!!!

Would you consider modifying your description to move your "SPECS" section into the Additional Information / Locomotion sections?

Have you put a link somewhere to something restricted? Each time I load this page, I get asked to enter a password for a2484496 in order to use the FTP server at ftp://morris-works.comxa.com.