Let's Make Robots!

my 1st robot

100_1069.JPG This is my first attempt at creating a robot, inspired by Fritz's start here robot!

I don't have a name for it yet :(

I stumbled upon this sight, & got quite inspired by Fritz, & many others here.

As of this time, there is no hot glue or sticky tape holding it together (sorry Fritz) :D

Under the hood is the Tamiya  70168 double gearbox set at 344.2:1, driving the Tamiya track & wheel set.100_1066.JPG

The brain is the Picaxe 28X1 ,

motor driver, L293

ultra sonic range finder SRF05,100_1067.JPG

various stuff from the home center, & junk box :D100_1068.JPG

All the parts you guys have proved work well!

Now I just have to learn how to program this little critter to do some kool stuff

This a great online community , nice mix of left, right, & brains in here :D (more right here)



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Welcome, Arty :D

Nice tracks!

arty, lol

I hear it's called kenitic art :D

Nice looking robot and thanks for adding the URL in the pics ;)

"and thanks for adding the URL in the pics ;)"

YES, that is wicked! I hope that we soon can offer some backdrops with logo and URL to print out soon. It will happen ;) In the meatime this is a way cool thing to do :) Note that you can make the url 


or just


if you want. A bit long, I know ;/


I wondering what my user # was, now I know!

I figured I'd post the url, that's the least I could do, I get alot of inspiration from here. very nice place !!

Mouse over your picture tells the # :)

We will have more of that stuff later!

Thats a nice chasis, was it designed for bots or did you just throw it all together?
thats what she said! ok... I know that one doesnt make much sense, but whatever.... don't judge me
I was trying to think up a good  "that's what she said" but you beat me to it !!

it's just thrown together :D

it's mostly a section cut from an aluminum housing from a factory car amp module, & angle stock from the home center.

I still have a enough housing to make it a bigger brother :)