Let's Make Robots!

My Drumming Machine

Still trying to get the L293D to work...











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Wow, just saw; Hot glue ON TOP of double sided tape?? Lol, never tried that mix! :D
It seems to be more adhesive this way


Yeah. Add some nails too :D
Yay I just ordered the two Srf05 mounts from Cascabots! :)


Nice start. It's amazing how much quicker a project goes when you use hot glue instead of worrying about removable connections like bolts and brackets, huh? :)


Its much faster and is probably just as convienent to take off, just heat up that stuff and ur good to go :)


"I am going to get my friends boss's husband who is an engineering major, to help me solder the.." Lol!! :D
yerp... i cant :D lol


Hot glue all the way! To make soldering easier on yourself, buy a good soldering station. Nothing radioshack sells will do the job right. Spend $90-120 on either a weller or a hakko. My weller broke. I now own a hakko. The hakko has not broken :-D It heats up in less than 15 seconds which is quite useful.



Good luck, and our robots shall drum to the death someday.

haha... k thanks mate... i never expected to spend so much on a soldering iron... ill look it up tanks!

 although I dont think im willing to spend so much on a soldering iron when im not gonna solder much... i bought 100+ female jumpers + 50+ f/m jumpers... I just need to solder header pins on and im good to go!