Let's Make Robots!

My Drumming Machine

Still trying to get the L293D to work...











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Nice start. It's amazing how much quicker a project goes when you use hot glue instead of worrying about removable connections like bolts and brackets, huh? :)


Its much faster and is probably just as convienent to take off, just heat up that stuff and ur good to go :)


Yay I just ordered the two Srf05 mounts from Cascabots! :)


Wow, just saw; Hot glue ON TOP of double sided tape?? Lol, never tried that mix! :D
It seems to be more adhesive this way


Yeah. Add some nails too :D

Black 6mm HDPE sheeting 500*500mm - http://www.directplasticsonline.co.uk/home.php?cat=4022


Law Three, a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

not at all... try solarbiotics


No free sticks in the big apple?
Nope, hella expensive too, I think I might go with PVC and scrape everything off the wood and mount it on 6mm PVC