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My First... Blind MicroCore

Greetings LMR

Where to start.  Recently I have once again picked up my love for Electronics and decided to branch into the facinating field of robotics.  While researching etc etc, I came across BEAM.  Well this got me inspired and this is the result.


Unfortunately however I have come to a bit of a standstill as my multimeter took an unfortunate dip in some water so I have to wait for my replacement so I can test some of the motor driver output values (as I suspect the current is too low to effectively to drive the motors)

Anyway, This bot is dumb.  Its blind, deaf and - well - stupid but since it is simply experimental to get familiar with BEAM, then thats fine by me.  I am still constructing the chassis and the gearbox(s) for the motors as they are some old salvage parts from cd/dvd drives and thus turn a 'little' far for a walker.

Update: 17/09/2011

While waiting I decided to sort out my gear's and start construction of the chassis.









Chassis & Hip



Final bot will be a 4 legged walker, with the 3rd motor (the barrel one) being used for hip movement - at least thats the plan.





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Cool. I love BEAM design and it will be fun seeing something as ambitious as a quadruped walker using BEAM design.


I'm 'hoping' it will walk but at this point not sure if it will work best using a single signal pulse or at saturation - time will tell (that and some working gearboxes)

but - if it doesnt, there are plenty of other designs yet to try - so long as I can keep my little girl(4) away from them long enough :) An up and coming LMR'er in the making (she loves robots)

Looks good!

Its always good to make a start, thats the part I find really difficult. You seem to be at a similar point to me so good luck. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Thanks Chris

I will admit that I have already had to go back and redesign my chassis once already, however the new one (photos yet to be taken/uploaded) is looking a lot better.


Good luck with your projects also.