Let's Make Robots!

My First Real Robot

Here's an UPDATE on my First Robot with a Robotic Arm on it ,With no gripper yet.


Just got some of the part through mail still missing some ,so i still strated doing half of the work untill my shippment. Partsinstalling the Tamiya gearboxPartsmy_first_robot_028.jpgmy_first_robot_022.jpg

Can't wait untill i get all of my part so i can actually fiinish building my first robot and really experiment with alot of cool thing's. keep all posted as soon as i get New parts.:)

 update!!!!! 8-3-08

got all the parts just finish hooking everything up and is ready to be program...







It was a great experience building this bot . I'am sure i well be making some upgrades gradually.(servo's speakers led,etc..) 




Allrighty guy .....ahhhhh just finally upgraded my bot .. with a little something extra like a extra small level so i can put Future things on it like(speakers,servo,ect..) Got some Led on it and whipped  up i stronger chassis. Here i took some more pic. This project is coming along very nice i have so much fun working on it the i can't stop "I have LetsMakeRobot Fevers X).. Anyways hope you like the pics..




UPDATES!!!!!!!!!! 9-03-08

Hello robotics Friends... Just started to think that, it will be cool to make a robotic arm.Whether it has 5 DOF (degree of freedom) 4 DOF or 3-2DOF it will be cool just to make one and controlled it either make a transmitter or atomonously.Well i had a deep thought, why don't i make a robotics arm, with just some of the stuff i got lying around my house. And better yet let me make a Robotics arm, and make it mobile. So i Grab my first bot and decided to start building.




Here is a sketch i drawed about the design.Sorry for the quality of the camera or the drawing.It's going to be a Arm with 2 degree of freedom , Not counting the mobility of the bot.i will use 4 servo's. one for the shoulder one for the elbow one for the wrist and then one for the gripper.I started to make the shoulder it coming alone quit good. 


Will be posting more, As i go. :)

UPDATES!! 9-7-08

got some more pics with the elbow and wirst done but still need to attached the gripper doe



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My heart completely melts with tanks :D
Very nice design.. the LED´s give the tank a special touch!!!  oh, and the robotic arm rocks!!!!
Keep up the good work ;)
your are doing this well, your remains so, maybe later you can put more pictures.

gradually the robot is independent, and the white lights that add to your robot, these lights give the robot style.
This bot is really progressing along nicely, and I know your proud of it and with good reason. The code is easily the toughest part for me.
Getting the hand of programming in Pbasic. instead of using the code like high and low for motor power i just went with the forward a : forward b : halt  ect....... by using this kind of method it came pretty easy , with a little trial and error (ofcoarse) :)

Congratulations! You are now the proud father of a ... robot!

It's quite an accomplishment to get that far.


Yeah i'am pretty much starting fresh with only the manual that come with the picaxe starter kit. it looks like a easy language i guess i'll get a hand of it....I looked at frits code and it was like servo 0,100, wait ,pause, low 4 : high 7h ???? what! i didn't understand wat all it mean..so i skiped it and pop open the manual. and went from there.... :-)


Very nice and good job starting with the basics. I tried to jump into full code when I started and just managed to frustrate myself. Afterward I went back to the basics (step by step) and only then learned something. Very, very good. 

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

very good men, the mini-tank works very well, congratulations!
thanks ! now is type to learn another programming language so i can do some pretty neat things to it.. i know C and C++ . but not PBasic but it didn't seem so hard making it do wants on the video :)