Let's Make Robots!

My First Robot...

Navigates via infra-red sensor. Very basic robot

This is my first attempt at building a robot. This is the robot from LMR Kit #328.

My next step will be to try and fabricate a body for it.

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Nice robot, I need some help for building one. I'm planning to buy the LMR kit plus, a jetspeaker so the robot would talk. Tell me, do I need any help making it? I'm only 10 so, I'm pretty basic 

I think you can only make the loudspeaker beep and make tunes with the picaxe.

To ake it talk i think you need some more hardware and more program.

ps, Dont try to make a hard robot for youre first cause i have been working on my FIRST robot for 2 YEARS .

pss, I am also 12 i started working on my robot seince i was10 to .So i can relate


Well, the programming part is settled cause I LOVE programming. The parts are not settled, I need to buy them. But I'm making a outdoor and indoor robot, so I'm going to extend the robot, so it can have 4 wheels. I'm going to cover the wires somehow, and i'm going to attach a LED light. That pretty much uses up all my female header cables XD

I'm still on the talking thing called the speakjet, but I'm adding the changes. Its going to be a super robot :)

It deoends on if your familiar with the tut. and the robotics type parts soldering that kind of stuff one thing you will need help with is getting the USB driver installed in the right place.  making your robot talk is going to be realy hard unless you have a recording module wich you can buy from radiocrap other wise all you could probobly do is make it beep boop and play some tunes.

P.S. I'm only twelve so i can relate!  I built the same one above so if you get the long distance sensor dont keep the dangerlevel  70 becaus that is for the short range sensor do something like 110

P.P.S. use a second power supply read the picaxe for dummies to see where that hooks up.

P.P.P.S.  I have a super tiny peizo transducer on my bot and the bot starts to "cry" when it gets clos to something. If you want this to be a sumo bot reverse these < > in the program! ;)

hey. we should make a blog for people that are realy young like us!  how does that sound!?!?  gathering a bounch of smart

(and young) people like us that are interested in building robots!  I think I start one right now!!!!! 

If you want to start a blog with me, your in luck. I'm pretty much a expert at basic html and is studying javascript. :)