Let's Make Robots!

My first robot

Avoids objects, recognizes objects, and more. Breaks

Newest Update:

Oh my, its been a long time. Well, I'm finally back to programming the little guy after many hours of trial and error. Unfortunantly, he had a bit of a fall and broke one of his power switches and popped off his treads, but thats easy enough to fix, so I hope to have another video of him taking on the living room soon. 


 Pictures and a video.





 Old pictures
















UPDATE: Mounting the components (old)

I have started to mount all the components. Here are some pictures:




Treads. They have finnally been added to the robot.It can now move from place to place like a good little robot.


Here is the screen, and here is one of the Sharp sensors. Wheres the other one you ask? Wait and see.


Closeup of the sensor. 


Side veiw of the treads. See those gold colored things? Plated titanium.


Switches. 2 out of the 3 have been installed. The last one will be a reset pushswitch. For when it tries to take over the world. Or more specificly my living room.




Why, whats that? Its the second sensor. Mounted and angled to look for ledges. Notice the mounting brackts for the tread system.


The mounting system for the bottom two idlers allows me to easily and quickly both adjust the tension on the treads and move the place ment of the individual wheels and over all tread placement. I have already worked out the best setup t distribute the weight effectivly. 


Here is a closeup.


closeup of the sensor


top veiw.









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Copied my avatar
Whoa, I've never seen you around here before, lol. Well, it will be different soon, once my parts arive

Wow, you really are going all out.  It may be too late, but I would certainly recommend keeping it simple your first time around.  Make a Fritsl-like bot for now, then make the complex ones after you've had a bit of real experience.

If you do decide to go with this one, though, make sure you plan everything out in advance!  Making a simple model with Sketchup is a good idea, or just draw everything (with measurements) on graph paper.  Good luck!

I have been planning this robot for a couple of months now, so I think im ready for it! Lots and lots of 3d models and graph paper sketches!
Cant wait to see your bot! Thats alot of cool looking servos. Where did you get them? Solarbotics?
Thanks for the interest in my project! Yes, all the servos are from solorbotics
Wait, why need so many servos for a "first" bot?
two of the servos are for head movements, four are for the arms (2 servos for each arm) and the last one is for something thats still a secret :P
Very ambiguous for a first robot, do you have any programming skills, because for arms you need to be a very good programmer


I havn't used the picaxe yet, but I do have some programming experience. The arms are going to be my favorite challenge though:D.