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My First Robot (Object Avoider) updated version

Navigate around via ultrasound
GEDC0153.JPG1.95 MB
GEDC0151.JPG2.15 MB

Navigates using SRF005 , avoids objects

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the videos are not of good quality

i'll upload better quality videos some other time


there is some problem in the programming that whenever the robot senses any object it somewhat turns and again it goes in the previous position it does not head forward after turning..

as shown in the video

not the programming your bot is big compared to start here . it is turnin but is not enough


Great to see it working! Good job!


will be uploading videos later..

I like the way the servo stops when it detects an object. Makes it look like the bot is "looking" at, and studying an obstacle before it decides to make a turn.

Which servo are you using?

I'm assuming you bought the SRF05 from someplace in India. From where and for how much did you buy it?

i used a standard servo which i got in Picaxe servo upgrade pack..and SRF05 was bought from


because i coudnt find it in india...

and  it was around 10 - 11 pounds..

wow nice 1 i had the same prob motors are too slow!!!!

the problem was not of the motors.

I used old batteries for this project so the motors didnt get much power.