Let's Make Robots!

My first robot ( try two)

sits there looking around untill I fix the motor controller :P


It turns out that the treads I was using are way to heavy/bulky so I decided to just scrap the tankbot idea for now and go with a simpler bot  I am using two GM9 (143:1 90 Degree Shaft) and wheels,  a Pololu micro dual serial motor controller, a Hs-311 standard servo, and a parallax ping))) ultrasonic sensor.

  Ive got almost everything done, but I am going to need some help with the motor controller .

Here is my attempt at an arduino tankbot  this is going to take me a while to complete because I am a little tight on money for now but I am slowly savin up, first for the motors/gearboxes, then for some sensors.

I also have to get better at codeing too :P





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Now that are some very, very potent tracks! Never saw the like. And I like :D

That thing is going to be awsome!! 

Since the tracks are removed, I'll re-do that:

Now that is one very latent cookie box! :D

yea I thought it would work very well as a "torso" for my bot


They are frome a megablocks tank my friend had in his scrap bin :)



It looks really cool and promising. Videos!
I will post a vid as soon as I get some motors in it ~Matt
Oh ok, I thought it could already drive, since you put in the desciption is drives around blindly. :)

sorry :)