Let's Make Robots!

My first working robot

My daughter and I created our first robot using the BeagleBone Black as the controller. My blog posts below document how we built it:

I just got my Beaglebone Black, now what?  

My first working robot, it's alive 1

My first working robot, it's alive 2

My first working robot, it's alive 3

This is an ongoing project, our next step is to build a different base and add some sensors so we can make the robot move around on it's own.

I started experimenting with programming the BeagleBone Black with Javascript/Bonescript

LV-MaxSonar-EZ2 Range Sensor:

We are starting to make the robot autonomous:

Prototyping an autonomous robot with Javascript

Sensors Sensors Everywhere

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Cool project. The Rover 5 sure makes it easy to get up and running with a fun vehicle.

What frequency are you driving your h-bridge? "That noise" asked about in one video is likely the same frequency as your PWM. Some h-bridges will let you drive them at 20kHz which is generally above human hearing.

An alternative to driving the h-bridge at high frequency is to drive them at a relatively low frequency. The cheapy L298N h-bridges I'm using with my Rover 5 projects don't do well at 20kHz but they work fine at 200Hz and the noise at 200Hz isn't nearly as annoying as some of the higher frequencies.

I'm looking forward to future updates. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, yes the Rover 5 makes it really easy to get started.  Been thinking about trying a two-wheeled chassis in the near future but want to get some sonar sensors working to make a autonomous robot first.

I am using the default 2kHZ.  I have not experimented with changing the frequency. 

thsi is a top project , gratulation



Excellent! Now, can you take this post off my hands? Regardless, nothing will sway me in the belief that black PCB was fabricated in hell itself. 

Thanks, I am pretty new to boards like the Beaglebone Black and my electronic days was back in the 80's so it looks pretty good compared to what I uplayed with back then :).  Might have to pick up an arduino or another similar board just so I have a compairison but my daughter and I have a lot of fun playing around with it from making LED's blink to building robots.

There are quite a few Hoffmans here now! I'm with lad about the BBB though. Can't hurt to pick up an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi if either is in your budget, but nice work and thank you for doing it along with your daughter. We're subtly trying to get more girls into the hobby because they tend to do neat stuff.