Let's Make Robots!

My own DiscoBot!

Navigate as I pre-programmed it

thanks to ndupont for giving me the idea!

Well, there is not so much to say... It is very simple, a bit hard to place all the electronic stuff very close.

I have not bought anything for this robot, I made it because my Arduino was lying down.

CDs are a bit hard to drill, I have better results with double tape.

I used 3 DVDs and 1 CDs, so the total memory is about 14.8 Go :)

Thanks for watching!

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Very nice, needs some RGB LEDs or a mirror ball. Try using a hot soldering iron to drill holes in the cd's. much easier.


Very cooool!!

or some LEDs to shine off the CD's, flashing like a real disco ball. good job!     CD's are great to work with.  thin, sturdy, perfectly round, and plentiful.  I've had no problems drilling into them with a drill press.  use a slow feed rate when plunging the bit.

I had some problems for drilling because I did not know how to  do it, so it broke onto parts.

Double tape is perfect for me, I just have to reassemble everything occasionnaly :)

I have filmed it with a camera equipped with a flash and it gives him so much "disco"!. I will make another video in dark.


It looks cool :) You should try adding some sensors.

yes the final goal is to create a sort of "start here robot" with a SHARP sensor. But for now it is just 110% of fun :)