Let's Make Robots!

My Robot in form 2!

Same as start here, obstacle avoidance

Still stays there.

The servo keeps twitching.

The srf05 is supposed to take readings but it doesnt do it in the right time.

Currently the sensor is off the servo(The body of the robot).

(UPDATE 4.12.11)

The sensor is attached back on.

and here is the code that needs work on.

dunno how to attach bas file to posts

symbol range = w0

symbol rangecm = w1

symbol leftr = w2

symbol rightr = w3

servo B.0, 150



  pause 10

  pulsout C.0, 2

  pulsin C.0, 1, range

  rangecm = range*5/58

   do while rangecm > 10

    forward A : forward B

    pause 10

    pulsout C.0, 2

    pulsin C.0, 1, range

    rangecm = range*5/58


  gosub scanandstop

   if leftr > rightr then

    sertxd ("Left is bigger")


    sertxd ("Right is bigger")

   end if

  goto main




  halt A : halt B

  servo B.0, 75

  pause 10

  pulsout C.0, 2

  pulsin C.0, 1, range

  rightr = range*5/58

  wait 1

  servo B.0, 150

  wait 1

  servo B.0, 225

  pause 10

  pulsout C.0, 2

  pulsin C.0, 1, range

  leftr = range*5/58

  wait 1



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cleanly made, fantastic!

Post your code, micro --I'll see what I can see.

In the meantime... If you break your code down to just the servo stuff, can you get it to move? --and if you strip your sonar code down to just the sonar routine, does it work?

i did that and when i did the sensor part, the sensor wont take readings, when the servo is disconnected then the sensor works. :]

...this could be a lot of things. It is probably just servo noise and a .1uf cap on its power wires might do the trick. It also could simply be the servo kicking-in and sucking too much power thus resetting your microcontroller or just pulling the power down to a level lower than what the sensor needs. I would add that .1uf cap on the servo and maybe a big fat polarized cap on the main power lines. 

--Oh, and the servo does work, right? If it does not, then I have another idea.

yes the servo works so i would put the .1uf cap on the red and black wires right? is it a ceramic one? and what is a polarise cap?

A ceramic cap will do just fine and yes, one leg to red, one leg to black.

The other cap would be one of those round ones with the "-" stripe down one side showing you which pin is gnd. This one can go probably near the robot brain or battery --I suppose it doesn't matter, your bot is pretty small and thus the wires and traces are pretty short --Just install both caps, noting the polarity on the polarized one. Oh, and bigger the better on that big round cap --100uf, 220uf, 470uf or bigger --whatever, just use whatever you have in your parts box.

higher capacity batteries. I know AAA rechareables are typically in the 800mAh range vs AA rechareables being able to get to the 2600mAh range. While it is not necessarily the case, it is something you should look at.

umm, these are not rechargables

that AAA batteries typically have lower current capacities than AA batteries. According to wikipedia, AAA alkaline batteries offer between 250 and 1200 mAh capacities, whereas, AA batteries supply between 1800 and 2600 mAh worth of capacity.

ok, but my robot was a kit so, it has a battery holder for 3 aaa but thank you for the info