Let's Make Robots!

My second robot

Drives really fast, but poor, as both rear wheels turn the same, and no weight on front

This time I wanted a faster robot. No turning head, just some parts from old toy, mocked up, and getting much too high voltage!

It went completely beserk, but frankly; It was quite a poor robot, haha. (But fun)


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We need to see some videos of that monster in action!

He was sacrificed. His internals are now in other robots or the bin / Frits 

im so sorry to hear that i guess he was a part donner then.

He is many other robots now :D

/ Frits

Can your robot turn? i was just viewing previous projects and saw that u use 1 motor? so how goes it turn? Maybe i got it wrong but just asking 


it can: it says "Actuators / output devices: 1 motor drive, one motor steering"  actually there are two motors

But i see one motor only 


The other motor is mounted up front and turns the front wheels from side to side, just like one a regular car


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Yes :) Thanks, maneuver!

Problem, however here, the wheels at the back are locked to each other, they cannot turn independently. This makes it quite crap at steering.

On the project "Wall Racers" I use that to make the car slide / skid. On the project "Skiwalker", there is a short explanation in the video. Member in here, Jip has at some point made some walkthrough on how to make the wheels pull diferentiated by using Lego.

Project "Forfrabagfra" uses 2 times differentiated pull.

.. And this robot, on this page, btw; It was crap at steering, it took a whole football arena to make a turn; Back wheels locked, but with much grip and weight. Front wheels almost no weight, and slick tires.. Really a bad project, but one has to learn :)

I was wondering if you hooked the battery pack staright to the picaxe. I wanna try but Im afraid of frying mine!