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My second work - 4 Legged Robot

Navigate around via ultrasound, uses 4 legs to walk

My first robot was an autonomous rover based on the "Start Here" robot. So this time I wanted to go one step further and make something different, write my own code and do everything my way.

At the begging my plans were to make a 6 legged robot, but since picaxe 28x1 has only 8 outputs I went for 4 legged one.

My biggest concern was that a 4 legged bot would fall everytime it lifts its leg, but fortunately it does not.

Chassis is made from an old mouse, legs are cut from organic glass.


Servos are the cheapest ones you could find on the market, but they do their job.


That's it. Comments/advices are appreciated. Thanks.


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Nice quad, I didn't see this one before.. Cool leg design, is it strong enough or are you having any issues (I see your servo shafts of the joints (hip and knee of each leg) aren't aligned, so I guess it puts more strain on the servos)?

Great work! 

like i said before robodevil, the pulses get mixed up so wat u need to do is after taking a reading add a pause 10 or summit like that

when i connect 8 servos and a SRF05 which has echo output = 3 ,after giving the commands for all servos the servo at output pin 3 is not working instead the light on the back of SRF05 is blinking on giving command for servo 3

so how to use SRF05 and 8 servos together ?



good work with this robot

can you give your draw the robots?



ps: andnobre@gmail.com

If you're talking about sketches, there are none. I just did it :D

what is "organic glass"?

It a sheet of plastic or something like that. Google it. ;)

have one doubt ..

why did you use 8 servos ?..

because i can see only four servos working..and the rest of the four dont work to which the legs are stuck..

4 servos, which are attached to the chassis move horizontally, other four move vertically. All eight of them are working :)

Hi My name is Hila , i love programming , and i use arduino and picaxe 28x1 and u job is very nice. help me post u code for picaxe or arduino. Thank