Let's Make Robots!

My Senior Project


I make nice robot to play with.  Too bad he's retarded...:(

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why can't it move?, little bit more info please :)

I wish I knew why, I connected all the wires correctly and input the correct programming but the motors(wheels) will not turn!?! Any idea's?

  • check battery wires
  • try only the motor wires
  • you have to SOLDER them properly and the solders should be perfect such that they dont touch one another
  • recheck program 
  • check only sensor
  • if wired properly it SHOULD work
  • Keep trying :D


I had this problem too... check ur little bridge up by the top corner of the board. it connects to two pins. Try swithcing them around. hope it helps :)

You mean those four little ones grouped together?


if it is a 28 pin... or i think that is what fritz used then it is the three pins behind the power wires. V and G. flip that bridge around.

The wires are fine, soldering and everything, the camera works simply put, the wheels are UNRESPONSIVE!  The code I am using is the one form 'My First Robot'.  I just do not know...

you can check to make sure that you are getting signals to and from where they should be going. Also, make sure you are getting 5 volts to the PICAXE.

First, check the PICAXE pins to make sure you are getting a HIGH where you think you should be getting a HIGH. Follow that to the motor driver chip, L293D I believe. See that you are getting HIGHs and LOWs where they are needed. See that you are getting HIGHs and LOWs on the outputs to the motors.

Make sure that your L293D is plugged in in the correct orientation.

Ok. First off thanks for the help, the motors are running fine now, but I am having some troubles with the code.  First thing, when moving during 'no danger' he only scoots forward an inch or so.  How can I tell him to go further?  Also, for some reason when deciding 'Which way is better' he acts rather sporadic and only seems to notice the 'wall' once, then proceeds to charge it at an inch a minute.

Re-write the whole program all by yourself, know what each line means and does, check the sensor's sensiblity by using only the sensor program and change your dangerlevel according to your sensor's sensibility. check if all solders are done properly any loose solders will result in such "sporadic" movements 

All the best