Let's Make Robots!

My Start Here bot,

Here is my Start Here bot, More information soon...

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cool, i like it, very clean, btw,what exactly did you use for the music?

It's The Alphabeat from David Guetta,

The video contains something from EMI, which has blocked it :(

I can see the video. Can it be the music??

 SHR looking good.... now your exploration can begin....

BTW:- (video did not play in Switzerland either) The automatic youtube parsers (like sound hound) seem to check for copyrighted stuff and block it if its so....No worries best bet is use just robots sound... or use the youtube audio swap facility...ASAP

Try not to put any music in video. People like to hear the sound from machines. In this case, music can't be heard because of copyright in some country I think.

The video should do it now.

I will make a video without the music.

very simple yet awesome robot! Good job!

Simple? ;D