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nac N

Irritates my wife when she is watching TV


This is my second project. When I built my first robot I was not aware of this site, so I'll post about that in few days. 

This robot is a minor modification for the first. In first I was using SRF05 as an Input sensor. In this version I replaced it with APC220 Module. Now I can leave the robot untouched and I can experiment on the remote control side. On the remote I can use Accelerometer, Wii nunchuck, Processing, USB Mouse and tons of more input devices which I've not even thought of (Suggestions are welcomed in comments). 


I'll post more images of nac N within a day or two.



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You were after suggestions for an input device.

I find a very cheap and flexible source of digtal input to be a TV remote - simple to programme and you can have a different action for every "channel" . the sensor cost only £2 (GBP) and I can rig it with 4 bits of wire and 1 resistor to a BS2 STAMP (there's bound to be an equivalent Arduino option)

As your purpose is to irritate your wife whilst watching TV - if you select the same set up as your TV remote, every time she alters the channel, in creases tohe volume or even switches off, you could have it do something really annoying ! :-)