Let's Make Robots!

Nxt "car" programmed in RobotC

Steering robot that moves around.
Emils_Program.c844 bytes

This is not the first robot I made but the first one I was successful with programming in RobotC.

The second video I used the sample program's and blutooth with a gaming control to control the robot. It dies by low battery at the end of the video.

You can download the C file that is like a sample from me to you.


From the front

























From Behind

























From the left side



















From the left side but closer



















From the right side but close


















The driving motor.

















How thw steering is working. Sorry.

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Why did you mount the sonar in the vertical axis rather than horizontal?


Because it was hard to make it horizontal so i choosed to make it vertical, plus I have seen some difference when testing the sonar on thin stuffs like a chair's leg.

/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

and good research in finding out a better way to use the sonar.
Can it do anything else? Some more video showing everything it can do would be cool. :)

I havent come so far and now its a school week with lots of test so the robot project is not going to be worked on at the moment.


/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

This robot has brougth me alot of fun but now I'm probably going to mak a "drum robot" that follows the controllers buttons.

You can take any ideas you got from here without asking for it, you dont have to leave credit.

/Emil Hemdal (SWE)