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Obstacle and edge avoiding robot


 This is my first robot, I built it five months ago, but I havan't had the time to smubmit on LMR. It uses an srf05 to avoid objects and two infraed sensors to detect edges. I made the head using perspex and used some Lego parts for the Chassis.



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nice one

I really like the IR sensors on the... arms? antennae? whatever they are. Looks cool.

Does your code make use of the mobility of the IR detectors? It seems like it could be detecting front or side edges if it wants to.

Thanks, the "arms" were from an old LEGO toy I had lying around.

The code doesn't make any use of the mobility of the IR detectros. The reason I made the arm this way was because my Electronics teacher gave us a limite on the size of the robot, it had to be less than 17mm X 17mm. The IR detectors had to be at leas 5 cm away from the robot, for it to be able to avoid edges and sence my robot was already 16.5mm long, I had to think of a way to break the rule "without breaking the rule :)", and thats when I came up with the idea of using two servos to extend the arms that hold the IR detector when the robot is turned on.

sorry for the long response :P




it detects using the LEDS  ??...

It detects using the two IR sensors at the front. These are the same ones used in my line following robot.

The LEDs on the IR sensors are just to show that they are ON.


are the sensors sharp GP2D10 or GP2D12 ?

They are the GP2Y0D810Z0F

Full specifications can be found here:



i used to play with bionicles and im sure that ive seen his "sensor wings" on one of them thanks for sharing this is a great robot


Nice robot and clever solution with that arms.