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PC controlled Wireless robot with live video feedback! My second robot (Google Streetcar Rover!)

PC controlled wireless rover with live video feedback via bluetooth

Having created my autonomous rover, I wanted to create one that I could control with my Mac and provide live video feedback.

Bought this RC toy from Radio Shack for around 7 bucks!  Took apart the RF transmitter and hooked it up to my Mac's USB port.  I had an old Nokia phone which I'm using to provide live video feedback to my mac via bluetooth.

Here are some pictures of the rover and the setup


The command center that ties the live video, serial communications and my mac written in VB

PC controlled Rover - VB program


The streetcar hooked up to my trusted Nokia!

The rover inspired by google streetcar!


The RF transmitter hooked up to my Mac



If I don't take into account my Mac or the old phone, the whole setup cost less than $50 bucks!   Of course, me being a software guy with little knowledge of electronics, there was a whole lot of reading and research time involved!  But a lot of fun! :)



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Hey man...the robot is really cool.i designed a robo like yours but i dont have a good software for controlling it via PC.can you give your program for controlling my robot?i use parallel port communication for controlling the bot.

hey buddy i really liked ur project and m planning for something similar can u help me out regarding how did u use mobile camera via bluetooth to connect to pc

you can reply me on shethia.tejas@gmail.com

It is cool! I for one would love a web interface, and try to control it under your bed.. from denmark :)

I like it.   Whats next turn the screen in to video display for remote live video chat. that would be so cool.  

You are what you make of yourself.

Good idea! Since I get video on my laptop, I can use vision software apis  such as roborealm for further processing like object or  face detection or even motion detection.