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Pica--My start here robot


This is the start here robot.  I have added a couple of things.  I have an LED tail (green) and a LED (red) in the front.  The green light is high when no obstacles ahead, and low when obstacles are present.  The red light has the opposite code.

I have also added an on/off switch.  I got tired of having to take a battery out any time I needed to cut power.

on/off switch and sintra reinforcement


I used a type of plastic called "sintra" that you can get from Solarbotics.  It is really easy to use and pretty strong.  Dremmels great.  It definitely adds some stability to the robot.  It also means I can simply unscrew the picaxe board from the robot and not have to deal with double sided tape.

Next step is to add a bump sensor.  Really needed as the robot is so low to the ground.  I am not really sure how to do this.  Any suggestions?

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how about the code and schematic? why re-invent the wheel...code would help.

It's the "Start Here" robot. Do you need a schematic for the additional red and green LEDs?

You don't need to re-invent anything. Just click "Start Here" up above.

I don't think making insignificant comments on old posts is very helpful. Why such a rush to post on so many old pages?

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please any body tell me how to show the steps for building any robot on this site

It's best to start out with the Start Here bot this one is based on, there's a link at the top of the page, or just go here: http://letsmakerobots.com/start

what did you add to your robot and how do i buy them? where do i buy them? is it from solarbotics?

Yes, everything you can buy from solarbotics.

For the bumper info.  When I have it all figured out I'll post an update.

Any ones like this would do the job, with some bumper attached. When the state of the switches changes you bumped into something. Just add a timer where the robot will ignore input for like a second after -  as these things have a tendancy to bounce. Wire it to any digital pin, no circuitry really necessary but a pull up resistor wouldn't hurt. What the hell is a pull up resistor? Read here --> http://www.madsciencenotebook.com/node/4

Great first one bud,