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Navigate arround using 2 IR Leds and an IR receptor

This is PJBot version 3.
The brain of this Bug is an Arduino. Now, it only go rolling and  avoiding obstacles that it detects with 2 led's and 1 IR receptor.

For now it have:

* Base - made with the plastic box of a roller blind
* Arduino
* Proximity sensor - 2 IR LEDs and an IR receiver
* Driver for motor
* 2 DC Motors
* 2 wheels - made of bottles and
fish food caps, and hot glue
* 2 collision sensors - which are not connected


* Use an
I / O expander  controlled by I2C to connect the sensors and driver
    * Install a RF12  transceiver
* Install an LCD also controlled by I2C
* Install a wireless camera
* Thinking of a way to use a old mouse to learn the speed and direction.
* ...

The code still has some problems and need some improvements.

I am waiting for your reviews and comments.




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I already connected an mouse to an Arduino in the past. The problem is more mechanic ;-) How to adapt to the wheels?
It looks like you have a solid base to work on here. Lots of free space on your proto board

Good luck with the interface to a mouse. I tried to interface a mouse with a PICAXE but gave up. It looks simpler with the Arduino http://www.arduino.cc/playground/ComponentLib/Ps2mouse