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Plex-E in progress

It will roam in the environment looking all around itself.
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Hi everyone.

Like many other people, I get inspired a lot from movie "Wall-E" so I decided to make a clone of it.

This is my first attempt to make a Wall-E similar bot. His name, Plex-E, derives from the material it's made with, the plexiglass.

Below you can see the plexiglass sheet, the start point.


Now i've completed the the body, the neck and i started to build the head.



The BODY is a 150mm x 150mm x 150mm box, that can be easily opened by removing 2 screws. If more space is required to work to it, it can be opened completely.



The neck is made by 4 pieces of plexiglass long 80mm and large 10mm. It was not simple as it seems: first i've got to cut the piece with a mill:


That was so boring because to reach a fine work the mill had to go slooooooooooooowly.

After that i've made the 2 holes

and finally i've made the 2 ends of the piece rounded:

Here is the product how will look like:

The head will be 100mm x 70mm x 40mm. I've to made it very weightless, because the neck is smart but not very strong.

 Here's the photo:


Special THXs go to:

                           _All generous people who post SketchUp models on internet, so they let me complete my project.

This is all for now.

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I am looking forward to it, it looks good. Sketchup looks like a nice tool, maybe I'll start using it :-)

Diky moc. Ja som na pol slovak na pol talian... So, about the robot, the best thing on SketchUp is that You can find many models of motherboards, servos and sensors. But only with the mouse is hard to work... better if You use a touchpad or something similar. Now I've already cutted the body of the bot... but other parts will take some much time.



Putting up a specific question on its own thread might clear up some confusion. Have you read, really read the Basic Stamp manual? 500+ pages of well written explanations.



What is the version of that software?

I downloaded from google but it's a very simple version.


The most popular is the 6, but is now avaiable SketchUp 7. I'm not sure if this is only the BETA...

There is a simple toolbar set, and a more complex one, go to view->toolbars to change the tool set you have.

If you are new to sketchup then do some of the tutorials provided by google, and learn what the tools do, some may seem simple but can be used in very complex ways. 

I am new to microprocessors and learning Parallax. They have fantastic support for their products in their forum