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Pokey the Firefighting Robot

Seeks candle in maze and extinguishes.

Pokey is a fully autonomous, scratch built robot intended to compete in the Fort Collins Robotic Firefighting Challenge.  It seeks a lit candle in a fixed maze and puts out the candle.  Or at least that's what it was supposed to do. :)

The robot uses a Pololu LV168 microcontroller board with AVR ATmega168 and built in motor drivers and other goodies. It senses flames with IR LEDs acting as photodiodes, amplified optically with a flashlight reflector and electrically with an op amp circuit.

Wall following and collision avoidance is achieved by dual Sharp GP2D12 IR distance sensors mounted at 90° angle on a servo actuated rotating array. The robot detects regulation white floor stripes via two Lynxmotion IR sensors.

The drive system is a dual motor gearbox from Tamiya using Mabuchi motors.

Chassis is made of plywood.

Pokey appeared in Robot Magazine in an article on the firefighting competition.  Pokey lost. :)

The robot is intended to be somewhat modular, so he's awaiting refit for his next assignment...

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Cool little firefighter. Great video, really fun to see!
It's a great design! I don't see how you lost... 
hheheeh great show ;)

Thanx :)  I am hoping to have another chance one of these days... just needs some refinement. Yeah, that's it. :)

I have some redesigns are in the works.  Flame sensor and wall sensors in particular.