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Mini Sumo

Years ago I bought a Boebot to see what they were all about. While its a good "newb" robot, it wasn't what i was looking for. So I got the idea to make it into a mini sumo robot and the chopping began!!!

Here's a concept picture:

Above was running it in non competition form to see how well it ran, etc. It worked but was too wide to fit into mini sumo rules. I also don't care for basic stamps. They are good controllers, I just like Arduino's more. So we'll be swapping that out for a Pro Mini 328. Plus the Ardy weights less than the stamp. So that's my plan: Chopper Up, Replacer Brain, and Go To War!



To make it legal for mini sumo I first had to cut off its "balls" to make room for the blade.

Then the width was too wide as the limit is 3.93" by 3.93". So we chopped the chassis in half to narrow it.


I had planned to weld the chassis back together, or at least solder it together.

But I couldn't do it either way because the aluminum they make these kits from is of really low quality, and very thin.

So I took a shop vise lined with wax paper. Then used JB Weld to epoxy the halves together.

As you can see it worked surprisingly well.



I plan to use an Arduino Pro Mini 328 controller as this bots brains.


Initially I'm leaning towards 1 Sharp IR for enemy detection, and a pair of Inex IR line detectors. These might change.... 


I'm really fond of the Solarbotics silicone sumo tires. They directly fit these stock Boebot wheels and get great traction. 


I'll post updates as progress continues!


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when I first saw this I thought - meh its just another boebot

but I like redoing it with a purpose

looks like your doing a standup sumo?

Yes its a stand up.

All bots have a purpose, I just hope it does good in its purpose!

Thanks man

Looks neat! But by "blade" do you mean wedge? Because in robo sumo no weapons are allowed.

Blade / Wedge....the part that hopefully pushes the other guy out of the ring!  :-)