Let's Make Robots!

Qwerk 3.0b ;-)

Navigate around via ultrasound, Navigate Around Obstacles, Remote Controlled via Internet

I have just finished the modification of the bot, I added a laser for use with cmucam.
I finally managed to operate the joystick with my small robot ....!


This is the version beta, it is equipped with an arm, many sensors (4 GP2D12, 1 GP2D15, 1 SRF04) + light + temp. + compass i2C + Display module LCD03 + 2 experimental plates ( 1 for the power annexe(2 Luxeon LED 3w), CMUcam3 ,1 for 16F84 to convert signal to be compatible with Qwerk) and camera. I've add a basic stamp module and hub usb with key 2Go. Now, I added a laser for use with cmucam. 


For the moment the alimentation is 12V by alim and Accu 7.2V 4500mA. I create a balise to allow the load of Qwerk.


Now ! This is my new DiffDriveClient  

You have the possibility to test it at :



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Currently, he wanders into the house and he sends me
images if there is movement, text message and / or email ;-)

and much else, I board yet finished integrating all but gradually it gets there slowly but surely

I love this robot, it gets better every time I look at it!

I am just waiting for it to do something autonomously that requires all that hardware.

The only problem was that the management code of the joystick were not the root sources when compiling.
The videos are coming soon ....

I take it you eventually worked out the joystick .dll problem - do you remember what it was?  A version problem?
When are you going to post some video.


WAMOW!(What a mess off wires :D) Great job!! Also the onterface looks awesome!

I added a laser for use with cmucam.
I finally managed to operate the joystick with my small robot ....!

.. So.. When can we have this on the frontpage of LMR?

Looks amazing...

Bravo !  

No, I am currently developing a simple interface to control anonymous with simple actions. I did not want to see the finished robot spare parts .

This is too much for me to read and understand!

Can I get to control this robot via the internet?

Can we put it up on the front page of LMR to be remoted by everyone?