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rc tracked monster vehicle

climbs hills, plows my garden...
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I have already had electric and gas rc cars, buggy, monster truck... And I wanted to build my self a tracked monster that could go quite fast, climb about anywhere, something unstopable... So I started to build a tracked monster. I started by the electric system.

it will be about 25 kilos, 60cm long, 30cm wide and 25cm high.

The whole system is is controlled by only two servos.

It will have one motor for each track, steel chassis, golf caddy battery, tracks made of timing belts and U alumunium profile, transmission by car' s water pump...

motors are 12V 24Amps at stall and 6Amps running free.

At this point I have only finished the electric system and I am going to start the chassis, tracks and suspension soon.


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Hey what a great RC you have, great job on that man. Very strong mechanism and great look. Thanks again for sharing :)

it looks like you recently changed the tracks to have the front and back elevated.   I was glad to see that.   it really allows it to climb over things much better than flat tracks.   also it brings the length and width into better proportion with each other.    also I agree, that camera works really well, even when hitting bumps.   was it transmitting and recording to a laptop?

very well done!

It records HD video on a 32G0 SD card in the camera.

Wow, that is really a monster. I love it. Is this a GoPro Hero, you are using as onboard cam?

yes, its a gopro HD, pretty good cam

Hey man, you stole my idea :-D I want to make one too, but have no time... Simply great work ;-)

I haven't read the whole chat, so I don't know if you have already said it... Where are the two motors from?

the first ones I used were ventilators from the cooling system of a van, but I finally used 2 wiper motors that I geared up twice.

Nice track! Nice motors!! For the machine like this, I'd control it manually to prevent my base got destoried.

Nice job my friend :)  I love those tracks as well. Powerful tank,lots of progress have been made,keep it up :)

here is the latest video (above)