Let's Make Robots!

Recycled 'compettision' bot

Robots of technical garbage! Assemble your robot from improvised stuff, broke TV sets, DVD, printers, and so. Fantasy sdes limitless. The robot can even just to blink, or move without thinking.


Terms of the contest are simple: you need to invent and build a robot from the technical waste, details of printed circuit boards, typewriters, printers, broken computers or other devices. The use of prefabricated modules of the stores, schemes of the blogs is forbidden! A robot must perform at least some primitive functions. 

Another important condition .. a description of your invention must be placed in his blog.If a blog you do not, then you need to register on the site. To create one must ask the administrator of the site, marked by competition "RECYCLED BOT". * Registered users will also need to apply for site administrator on e-mail: melnik1412@yandex.ru. To create your blog does not necessarily, we can do it for you not to knock you confusing registration. 

The description of the robot should include at least 3 quality photos and text explanation.Explained in the text should consist of: the appointment of a robot, explanation of photographs, working principle, possible future improvements (upgrades). 

WARNING! The competition begins on June 6, summing up the contest on July 20. The winners will receive a prize! 
Everyone has a chance to become a winner, you just need a bit of desire and availability radiohlama in the room! 
All questions on the contest website or ask the administration to the topic at the forum. 
Important criterion! The contest is valid if the application will be served at least 5 members. The number of participants will be listed on the page. 

The criteria used for selecting the winner: 
Design (originality, symmetry, and so on); 
Technical performance (simple-complex); 
Functionality (static-dynamic); 
Novelty (your design or a repetition of another's ideas).



The winner of a cash prize of $ 10 per wm purse. Why so little? We are a group of students, which deals with robotics, and sponsors we have.


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Already 2-e participants exhibited their work at the competition:

1. Author: Vitali. Robot: Dragonfly

Author: Maxim. Robot: The Ant

Some very cool looking robots posted there. Thanks!