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remote trigger for any compact digi cam

presses a camera's trigger remotely.
Chaser2.zip1.29 KB

Not sure if it clasified as a robot, either way, its simple!

i know the arduino is overkill, soon it will be an attiny13 instead.


tripod was free, chocolate box was, well free, i payed for the chocolates! servo was 5$ ish, doorbell was 5$, soon to arrive attiny was 4$.


Point in this:

I do freeride mountain biking, and sometimes i would like some shots, the button has a handlebar mount, simple press of the button takes a photo :D, there is a small delay, but once i've practised it shouldnt be hard to "tune in".


circuit is just an optocoupler connected to an analog input(the optocoupler's LEd doesnt fully light because the doorbell's circuit cant provide enough power. 

the servo simply presses the camera's trigger. 

for those professional cameras, you dont even need a micro and servo, just doorbell, and optocoupler :D

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Show some snaps taken with this :)