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Line Follower

New Video 8-24-14

     RG2 combines several ideas i have been thinking about for a few years.

     With one CR Servo it can go forward or turn left or right. And by  using it's one sensor it can find and follow a line using a ATtiny-85 for a brain.  

     The key is the wheels with one way clutches in them.  One only turns clockwise the other only counterclockwise. So when the drive wheel turns one wheel locks and the other moves forward.  When the drive reverses the other wheel turns it pivots in the opposite direction moving forward and sweeping the sensor across the path to find the line  The first Video shows the method of movement.

The second Video shows RG2 following a line. So far I have only used 2 pins of the 6 available on the ATtiny-85 controller so i will have to think of more stuff for him to do.

RG2 is my entry in the Single motor chalange.   

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RG2 the original LMR one motor bot. =) Very ingenious!

I love the way he follows the line almost like it's swimming back and forth in an aquarium. Very smooth and fluid motions. Thanks for giving a great build video, you make it look so simple to build, I hope others here build some too. Good stuff here.


You Guys dont know how close I came to useing Wiliam Shatner's  "Spleen" as the soundtrack.

Where do you get these goldfish?

      I found the goldfish boxes in the local supermarket.  Since i already had the name I could not resist. 

The sunglasses on this one are great. I was surprised that it moved at all with the perpendicular back wheel, but you used that to you advantage nicely. All you need is one more and you can make this your theme!

I wish I could take the credit but the snack Box came with them.