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Robot Arduino UNO & EZ-Robot WIFI , wheelchair base, independently controlled by GPS and avoid objects detector

Wheelchair independently controlled by GPS and objects IR detector
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 **** New Pics & Video *****

Hello, I am building a robot that will be controlled by an Arduino Uno & EZ-Robot  who follow a pre-programming traject into a GPS and will be equipped with motion detector to avoid object to run well to it's final destination.

I wonder if anyone would have any similar project to share with me  !!

Thank you for your help!

Michel, Canadian Robot

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I dont have the joystick , the controller is a P&G P73842 ISS.1 












No idea.  None of the Joysticks have a round connector.  It's possible that they used different ends on the cable, but unlikely.  Look at http://www.pennyandgiles.com/brochures.php is pretty extensive.

J&G Joysticks are amazing and the interface goes from simple potentiometers to redundent Hall Effect to CAN Bus... So depending on what the board came out of interfacing there can be a hard call wihtout some docs.

Very nice robot neigbourg, bravo Michel. I will keep watching your progress :)

Thank you !!


It looks like a great start for a robot. For information on GPS navigation you might have a look at my boat project http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21098 in the MarkII_NAV_microSD.zip file your can find some information on how to navigate.

Hello Geir, WOW,,, This is an amazing project !!! it's exactly that I expect for my project !! thanks for your help !







HI Jad thanks for your reply this is the picture of the original controller ;  Penny & Gilles , drives tech P73842 Iss,1




Sabertooth 2X25 you mean, right? That is a good controller but it's a bit tricky to configure the DIP switch. They provide a configuration page which is pretty helpful HERE. I have them to control by arduino or RC remote with no problem now.

Cool robot by the way ;)