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Robot arm

Moves joints - robot arm

This is my attempt at making a robot arm from meccano (and meccano like knockoff toys)

It probably would have been easier if it was all ordinary meccano, but I was using what I had

 I'm yet to put any kind of grabber on it, and the pan still needs some work. but I think its neat enough to warrent posting online. Actally, its been this state for a while, and i've had it on my blog here: http://diydata.wordpress.com/2008/12/31/simple-meccano-robot-arm-redone/ for a while


Its controlled by a Picaxe 18x, with 2 servos for the arms, and currently one electric motor for the rotation, however, it pans rather fast, so i'm thinking of getting a servo modded for continuous rotation, and using that to control the pan of the arm


I'm also planning to eventually add a gripper, likely operated by a micro servo

another thing I wouldn't mind adding (which shouldn't be hard either) is some potentiometers as controls for the joints


so i can see a bunch of various sized servos coming my way for modding, and other various projects.

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Looks cool, I expect you'll get yours finished long before mine! If you need help with the gripper I could lend a hand because I started at that end on my bot.

would you give me the instructions


 I am also a meccano (erector set) enthusiest. I have a gripper under construction but waiting for parts. I will follow your progress.