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robot manipulated by USB Port

navigate with PC
Robot_usb_VB.zip2.19 KB
R_USB_PSI.zip10.4 KB


This is an application made, which is part of my thesis in Eng.electronics.
The motion control is done through a GUI in Visual Basic, which sends commands to control the direction of rotation of two servo motors.
The microcontroller program is made of 18 PIC Simulator IDE, which receives information from the computer and manipulates the two servos modified.

Deputy both source code for VB and PSI. (No wiring diagram yet)

As you make improvements, I will post a video and related software.

Thank you.


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Your video is private and cannot be played except by your friends. Please reclassify it so we can see it.

ok. thanks for telling me

now is classified as Public


Il aurait gagne a etre plus joli ...